Nimisha Digital is an internationally renowned company in the domain of Android app development. We are known to render quality mobile & web app development services. Today, Android is the most widely and commonly used operating system` for mobile phones.

What We Provide?

At Nimisha Digital, we develop apps, games and other digital products for Android users and offer you a chance for distributing them instantly. We have years of experience in the domain of custom Android app development and we believe that our Android app developers as well as designers, are highly skilled and have vast industry experience, providing you with attractive digital solutions to your business problems. Our support team will be in communication with you during every step of Android app development process, from concept to design, to bug testing, final adjustments and Delivery.

Custom Android Development

We cover almost every segment of the industry, be it Health care, social media, travel, hospitality or entertainment. We excel in these areas and will try to deliver you highly productive and user-friendly apps. Our team has conceptualized and developed a large number of applications in all the above-mentioned domains.

Use of Latest Technology

Solving Complex Challenges through Wide Range of Technologies At Nimisha Digital, we use flexible, intuitive and feature-rich platforms to design and develop exciting applications for various individual and business needs. Some of the frameworks that we utilize for Android development include:

Android Studio
Our Paramount Services

Development Process

We have well designed and systematic procedure for rendering Android app development services that work smoothly to bring out numerous useful applications for you. Right from the initial brainstorming phase, to development and execution phase and till the delivery, we handle all your concerns and queries. We try to have a continuous and smooth workflow during all the phases of execution.

Our Clients

Our clients include start-ups, small businesses as well as large enterprises, existing in different parts of the world.

Getting Started

If you wish to have an Android app with desired functionalities, you can contact our team and we assure you best experience with us throughout the process of Android app development.

Android App UX/UI Design

Our expert UX/UI designers implement the best design techniques to enhance the user experience.

Custom Android App Development

We offer customized solutions as per your specific needs to streamline the business operations adequately.

Android App Test Automation

Our QA team carefully examine your project and apply their strategic testing methods to make your app bug free.

App Support Maintenance & Optimization

From productivity enrichment, feature modification, to functionality updates, our services help you make your app feasible to use.

Android Consulting

We perform deep market study and well-researched forecasts to create development strategies that fulfil your business goals.

Android App Modernization

Our cutting-edge Android app services ensure added value to your business and help improve your productivity and increase ROI.

Android Mobile App Development company

We Build Products That Succeed With Sparks

Our success lies in building feature-rich Android applications which are scalable, robust and provide a brilliant user experience. We thoroughly research and implement our strategies to deliver our projects successfully within the given timeline.

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Mobile App Development Services

Nimisha Digital has years of experience in developing mobile applications for multiple platforms for Android and iOS. Our Android and iPhone app development solutions are designed to help you give wings to your business and prove as a robust revenue generation platform that you can count on.

Cultivate Your Vision with Perfect Tech Partner

Your dream deserves a successful implementation. How about a place where your vision can take a shape just like raw mud take? Our expert team of developers is capable enough to transform your idea and can build the mobile app that fits your requirements, in your budget.
At Nimisha Digital, we build feature-loaded apps within a time frame without compromising quality. So, don’t worry about your project, it will be in safe hands as our dedicated project manager looks over each sprint.

Mobile Application Development Agency

Create an Overruling Mobile Apps for Various Purpose

Our apps definitely change the way you do your business. Our mobile app solutions have wide range of categories including:

Taxi Booking App
Food Delivery App
MHealth Application
Enterprise Application And Software
Working Process
We Complete Every Steps Carefully
Requirement Gathering

We create a strategy that streamlines your business ideology.

Design & Development

Follow agile design & development methodology.

Testing & Launching

We offer independent quality engineering and testing services.


We handpick modern tech stack so your app runs smoothly and quickly. We name our objects and classes consistently and provide detailed comments to every piece of code.


Our QA team is constantly improving their expertise so we can eliminate even the smallest bugs. We check for bugs in business logic and in the general codebase.


We use various types of encryption and protocols to make your app secure, whether you’re programming a mobile banking app or a HIPAA-compliant medical platform that stores sensitive data.


We invest time and knowledge into designing your app’s architecture to achieve excellent scalability. Using a multi-tiered architecture allows us to improve separate parts of the code as needed.


We believe in complete transparency and honesty in our projects and the only way to guarantee this is to do it all ourselves, that’s the reason we don’t outsource.

Leverage Our Expertise to Create an Omnichannel Solutions

We are passionate and innovative; our mobile app developers are striving to serve businesses with robust IT solutions to build amazing products with the right mix of qualities.
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Delivering you Highly Sophisticated IOS Applications

Nimisha Digital is a renowned company in the field of iPhone app development services. We provide comprehensive solutions for iOS development catering to all the major apple devices. We have years of experience in delivering attractive and fully functional iOS apps.
We have a team of talented iOS app developers, who strive hard to render you the best apps based on your specific requirements. Our apps are user-friendly in nature as well as work well with all the apple devices. Our team will provide you 24/7 support during and after completion of your project.

Custom IOS App Development

Nimisha Digital can develop apps related to almost all industries and domains. We have a separate section of Custom Apps development, which can assist you in the development of apps based on your specific requirements. We have a team which can convert your idea into reality.

Development Process

We have well-designed procedures for the development of different software products including iOS apps. We have completely transparent processes and we will be in communication with you right from the beginning, till the end. Our workflow model is flexible to ensure high productivity and enhanced efficiencies.

What We Deliver?

Nimisha Digital is here to help the businesses and companies in designing their novel apps, which will help them to scale their businesses as well as streamlining of operations. We are known to develop apps which are attractive, fully functional as well as cost-effective at the same time.
Some key technologies as well as frameworks that we use for iOS development are:


Benefits of iPhone App Development

Use of Latest Technology

We make use of highly advanced tools, languages, and frameworks while working on your iOS app. Leveraging latest technological advancement helps us to craft the best apps with desired functionalities.

Our Clients

SMEs, Mid-size and Enterprise Level Companies including several small and large businesses belonging to various countries are our key .

Getting Started

If you are planning to have an iOS app with desired functionalities, you can contact our team and we assure you best experience with us during the development cycle of your app.

IOS App Design

Our designers leverage the best practices to build engaging user experiences and add value to the development process.

Custom iOS App Development

We deliver complete solutions for different industry verticals to expedite their time-to-market and maximize ROI.

IOS App Consulting Services

We deeply analyze the project and suggest the best possible solutions to intensify your business reach.

App Lifecycle Management Service

We provide management support throughout the app development lifecycle and help you achieve maximum possible throughput by avoiding downtime.

iOS App Security and Source Code Audit

As an iPhone application development company, we offer extensive security services and source code audit to secure the confidentiality of your app’s sensitive information.

iPhone App Maintenance

We reduce the cost of app maintenance with our iPhone app development services and give your app a competing edge.

Our Client loves Us because
We Speak With Results
From ideation, successful planning, monitoring, testing, app launching, to powerful marketing, we have successfully handled various projects and give the best IT solutions that best meet your expectations, most precisely.
Be it Ideation, wireframing, designing, development, or quality testing. We take care of all anything and everything that’s related to your hybrid application. When done right, user experience, retention, interaction, and app usage combine to help you achieve the most loyal user base ever. Consequently leading to higher business profits.
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Hybrid Mobile App Development

Cutting-Edge Cross-Platform Applications for You

At Nimisha Digital, we have extremely rich experience in delivering hybrid apps. We have strong expertise in creating mobile applications that work well with both Android and iOS platforms. These days, the importance of apps which support both the Android and iOS platforms is increasing. To fulfil the requirements of these apps known as hybrid apps, Nimisha Digital has a separate segment working dedicatedly on hybrid app development.

Process We Follow

Development Process

The development process that we follow while developing hybrid apps is properly structured and efficient. We ensure complete transparency through every stage of the development cycle. Complete support to the client is provided through our support team, which takes suggestions from the clients as well as solve all their queries. A very efficient and highly productive workflow model is employed while developing these mobile apps.

Cross Platform App Development Services

Use of Latest Technology

We offer you hybrid mobile applications that use cross-platform support with the most popular Frameworks.
Some of the supported frameworks include


We create hybrid mobile applications using web technologies like Angular, HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery mobile. We support our clients in building something new and agile that works effortlessly on all ongoing platforms. Our team of hybrid mobile app developers is highly experienced and 100 % client satisfaction is our key objective.

We use the latest hybrid mobile application development frameworks to their full potential and deliver the best hybrid apps. Also, we customize all multi-platform app development solutions, which help us to provide user-centric customer experience to our users at competitive prices.

Striving For Innovation

What We Provide?

Benefits that we render to our customers include easy access to plug-ins, quicker development time, Reusable codes, easier implementation, and uniformity. From the idea visualization phase to the app launching, we support our customers throughout the app development journey and deliver them highly reliable apps.

Our Clients

All the major syndicates, start-ups and enterprises around the globe are our major clients.

Getting Started

If you are convinced by the vitality of the services we provide and want to develop a hybrid app, you can approach our team and we ensure you to bring your ideas to reality in the shortest time-frame and in effective Manner.


Community-Driven Platform

Introduced in 2013 and continuously powered and endorsed by the wider community of mobile app developers.


Swift and Strong Performance

Hybrid development uses the Graphics Processing Unit in the processing environment, which allows it to offer you highly speedy and sturdy results.


Modular and Intuitive Architecture

The modular and intuitive environment allows developers to apply codes without any extra effort.


Reusable Code

The structure, components, and standards of Hybrid frameworks allow developers to reuse and redeploy codes with great ease.


Live Reload

It allows you to see the latest changes immediately after they are applied in the server by developers.


Great Developer Tools

Hybrid frameworks equipped with tools and consoles that allow developers to easily execute functions out any latency.

Hybrid App Development Services

We Integrate Security into Everything We Do

Be it Ideation, wire framing, designing, development, or quality testing. We take care of all anything and everything that’s related to your hybrid application.

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